29 September 2017

We're proud to introduce Emerald Reach, our new open access programme

18 September 2017

"How hard can it be?" is a question either explicitly or implicitly asked by many of our publisher clients

7 August 2017

Journal and article metrics are increasingly important across academic publishing. They can help researchers choose which journal to submit their work to, and assess the ongoing impact of an individual piece of work (including their own). Journal editors use them to assess their journals’ standing in the community, raise its profile, and potentially attract quality submissions. And metrics can also assist librarians in selecting journals for their institution and analysing their usage and impact, as well as helping them assess the impact of research published by those in their institution.

27 July 2017

‘What gets measured gets improved' has become something of a mantra for our Product team here at Emerald; and that refrain rang in our ears clear as a bell when the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) results came out recently for the UK.

31 May 2017

Since 2010, PubFactory as a platform has provided online hosting and consultative services for scholarly publishers globally