24 May 2017

Organisers of the Internet Librarian International (ILI) event in London later this year have announced the keynote speaker: Kate Torney, CEO of Australia’s oldest and busiest library the State Library of Victoria

24 May 2017

Alternative metrics provider Altmetric has awarded its annual research grant for 2017 to Evan Goldstein, a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

23 May 2017

Matti Shem Tov, president of Ex Libris, is to succeed Kurt Sanford as CEO of ProQuest

23 May 2017

John Wiley and Sons has announced a partnership with Overleaf, a cloud-based, collaborative authoring tool

22 May 2017

Atypon says it has expanded its commitment to enterprise-level IT security and privacy, establishing a Department of Information Security and Privacy

16 May 2017

Technology company Digital Science has opened a subsidiary company, Digital Science & Research LLC, based in Moscow, Russia

03 May 2017

Publons, the online network of peer reviewers, has launched the Publons Academy: a free, practical peer review training course aimed at speeding up scholarly communication and improving researcher development

02 May 2017

In order to effect real, industry-wide improvements to the peer review process, publishers, researchers, funders and institutions need to be willing to experiment with different models, encourage more diversity in the reviewer pool, utilise artificial intelligence and support training and mentoring for peer reviewers

28 April 2017

Springer Nature has launched two initiatives in support of ORCID, which gives researchers a unique, personal, persistent identifier that distinguishes them from every other researcher

27 April 2017

Online publishing platform PubFactory has partnered with data science company Altmetric to provide real-time insights into the latest shares, mentions and engagement relating to individual publications

18 April 2017

Data science company Altmetric has launched a pilot project with the OECD to track and report on the broader impacts of more than 120,000 articles, chapters, books, papers, tables, charts and statistical datasets in the OECD iLibrary

18 April 2017

Publons, the online platform serving the needs of academic peer reviewers, editors and the wider research community, has announced an expanded partnership with academic and educational publisher Sage Publishing



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