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30 September 2022

Publishing platforms are digital solutions that are principally designed to help publishers and authors to evaluate and disseminate content

10 August 2022

Semantic enrichment is the enhancement of content with information about its meaning. It augments the amount of information carried by specific words or composition of words, thereby enhancing its value by making it easily discoverable and relatable to other data sets or information assets.

16 October 2020

Six industry experts tell Tim Gillett where the future destination is likely to be for publishing platforms

16 June 2020

Single sign-on provider OpenAthens announced the winner of its inaugural best publisher user experience (UX) award for 2020 earlier this year

18 February 2020

The use of video in academic publishing continues to increase, writes Tim Gillett

15 October 2019

Report reveals what is considered important for users in the scholarly community