11 January 2023

Interviews for this article have been adapted from recent PhaidraCon roundtable events and from upcoming 2023 editions of EpistemiCast.

11 January 2023

Patrick Hargitt explains why 2022 became the year that accessibility got serious.

11 January 2023

Joseph Koivisto and Jordan Sly from the University of Maryland discuss the implications of the publications-as-data model.

11 January 2023

Despite the collective and decisive step changes in enabling the transition to open access this year, we should not be complacent, writes Susie Winter.

11 January 2023

Thomas Shaw and Andrew Barker from Lancaster University Library discuss the realities, challenges and future impact of open access in the research community

11 January 2023

It’s not a question of if, but how. The future of scholarly publishing is open, yet the debate on how to accelerate the growth of open access continues

21 September 2022

Research Information spoke to four experts in the field about the ongoing move to open science, and the challenges that have emerged in an increasingly complex open-science ecosystem.

21 September 2022

Siân Harris considers the use of video in scholarly communications today and the challenges and opportunities for the future.

26 August 2022

As the move towards open science and FAIR data progresses, platform providers are facing new challenges. Five industry figures tell Tim Gillett what comes next.

04 August 2022

As offices have started to open up, Antonia Seymour talks about how not being bound by location means we need to re-think how we work.

05 July 2022

David Stuart writes: are new ways of measuring research are providing a more realistic picture of scholarly communication? 

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04 July 2022

Siân Harris looks at what role cloud-based services play in libraries today, their benefits and limitations and what challenges remain