22 November 2023

Sophie Goldsworthy met Tim Gillett to discuss all things scholarly, the forthcoming Oxford Intersections series, and her love of landscape photography

08 November 2023

Octopus founder Alexandra Freeman explains how the platform will "change the culture to one that is more collaborative than competitive"

01 September 2023

Mandy Hill

We met Mandy Hill, Managing Director, Academic Publishing, at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, to discuss the wider scholarly communications ecosystem

21 August 2023

A Q&A session with Peter PotterVice President, Publishing Services at De Gruyter and Executive Director of eBound

11 April 2023

David McDade

David McDade looks back at 10 years of IOP ebooks publishing and reviews the highs and lows of launching a book programme

20 March 2023

Vivek Mehra

Vivek Mehra describes the foundation of Vikramshila, which aims to "embrace academics of all nations"

28 October 2022

Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Officer at Springer Nature, recently spoke to us about open access, open science and Springer Nature's latest initiatives

20 October 2022

Rhodri Jackson, Publishing Director at Oxford University Press, shares how open access can help rectify the issues of today and tomorrow

20 October 2022

Shelley Allen, Head of Open Research at Emerald Publishing explains how the journey to becoming open access is personal

20 October 2022

Rebecca Kirk, Publisher of Portfolio Development at PLOS, shares how fostering interdisciplinary collaboration can help tackle societal issues

20 October 2022

Matthew Day, Head of Open Research Policy & Partnerships at Cambridge University Press Scholarly Communications R&D tells us about where open-access publishing is headed