Analysis & opinion

Michael Upshall is head of sales and business development at Unsilo

09 October 2019

Michael Upshall reports on an ongoing survey focusing on artificial intelligence in academic publishing

27 September 2019

Helen Tian considers what international publishers should consider when building a marketing strategy in this region

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26 September 2019

Donald Samulack investigates the possibilities of augmented reality in academic publishing

Andrew Preston

24 September 2019

Andrew Preston describes how to make transparent peer review work at scale

Micah Vandegrift

24 September 2019

Micah Vandegrift discusses a broad variety of methods to share research and scholarship, especially infused with open values

Adrian Mulligan

27 August 2019

Researchers now spend almost as much time searching for articles as actually reading them, writes Adrian Mulligan

27 August 2019

Scholarly publishing leaders must show the way in using the technology to solve problems within the industry, writes Darrell Gunter

Roy Kaufman

19 August 2019

Roy Kaufman focuses on a promising trend for dynamic, content-empowered learning environments

Claire Doffegnies

02 August 2019

Given the constant discussion about Brexit at the moment, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that the EU Parliament continues to legislate on issues that affect the lives of citizens across Europe, from Agriculture to Transport, writes Claire Doffegnies

16 July 2019

Vivek Mehra explains how the English language is dominating global communication and changing school structure

Chris Smith

28 June 2019

Chris Smith explains why they matter, and how publishers and universities can benefit

Rossana Morriello

25 June 2019

Rossana Morriello assesses the ways in which librarians are supporting research in Italy