Analysis & opinion

20 September 2018

Blockchain is adding fuel to the fire of innovation, writes Assaf Anderson

04 September 2018

Michael Mabe reflects on a half-century for STM, and the continuing path of innovation

09 August 2018

Mark Newton gives his take on the scale of research misconduct taking place in laboratories

01 August 2018

Delegates include a wide range of content and information professionals from around the world, writes Cathryn Baldanza

30 July 2018

A shared style allows for efficient and consistent writing and editing, writes Carol Saller

24 July 2018

Journals in the developing world face challenges in becoming known and respected in the international research landscape. Siân Harris describes Journal Publishing Practices and Standards, established and managed by African Journals Online and INASP

05 July 2018

Kristina Symes considers the key issues librarians face in relation to enabling access to research online

14 June 2018

Scott Macdonald outlines the European data law – and potential repercussions and solutions for organisations around the world

06 June 2018

Adam Tickell outlines the open access achievements UK research universities can be proud of and the next steps needed to remain a global leader in research

22 May 2018

Jude Towers and David Ellis from Lancaster University discuss data practices in the evolving world of 24/7 data generation and what this means for robust research

11 May 2018

Heather Staines investigates data portability and flexible data creation

11 May 2018

Knowable Magazine aims to cover the real-world significance of research in a compelling fashion, write Eva Emerson and Richard Gallagher



John Sack, founding director of HighWire Press, describes some key moments during his time in the industry