4 August 2016

When you visit the doctor with a worrying symptom, or take your sick dog to the vets, you assume that the practitioner you consult is basing his diagnosis and treatment decision on the best available evidence, and not just on a quick Google search. After all, the pace of progress and change in scientific research is rapid, and it may be some years since your doctor did her training. 

28 July 2016

Open Access has transformed academic publishing. A majority of the world’s academic publishers follow a hybrid model for at least some journals; around 43% of academic content published in the UK is Open Access. The rising tide of OA content brings its own challenges, none more significant than how the broadest possible audience can find quality, peer reviewed open research. 

18 April 2016

Make sharing content easy to help combat illegal content sharing on social collaboration networks

22 April 2015

Is archive content relevant to current research and why is it still so valued in the ‘digital era’?

2 March 2015

In academia, there is a growing awareness of the value of video content. Video usage is becoming more commonplace, both as a teaching resource for lecturers and as an easy-access reference for students outside the lecture room. In an age when content is sourced through various media, and delivered to a range of devices, available on campus and remotely, and by multiple users, video can assist the needs of the modern day researcher and lecturer, providing real life examples, and a means of accurate communication and digestible delivery.