9 April 2018

How Dimensions allows publishers and institutions to escape the limitations of siloed data

Since Dimensions launched in January, Digital Science has been talking and writing about how the platform breaks down barriers between different types information that have previously been siloed. But how do silos develop and why are they so damaging? 

3 April 2018

EBSCO Information Services is releasing a new DRM-free e-book solution in April, and is leading the way in user experience and library choice

2 March 2018

Until recently, the evaluation of research output and impact has focused largely on journal articles

11 December 2017

Academia and industry working together toward a common goal: to make the world a better place. Most of us would agree this is a worthy aspiration

17 November 2017

As digital resources have become the standard for accessing many types of information, access management federations have emerged as a crucial part of the knowledge economy