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The possibilities of open science

Research Information spoke to four experts in the field about the ongoing move to open science, and the challenges that have emerged in an increasingly complex open-science ecosystem.

Bridging the gap with video

Siân Harris considers the use of video in scholarly communications today and the challenges and opportunities for the future.

'Fast publication can save lives!'

River Valley Technologies director Maryam Bazargan describes her early career, 10 years of working with her brother Kaveh, and her love of languages and cultures

A Mastermind of taxonomy

Helen Lippell explains why organisations should learn more about taxonomies, ontologies and metadata - and describes her love of a good quiz

Image: Catarina Williams/

Pandemic brings preprints into the spotlight

From rapid disease information to a way to promote and share regional knowledge in multiple languages, preprints have come into their own in recent years. Siân Harris finds out more

A passion for impact

Emerald Publishing CEO Tony Roche talks of his career in scholarly publishing and a love of eastern cuisine

The wisdom of preservation

Alicia Wise, CLOCKSS executive director, reflects on her career and explains the importance of robustly preserving academic resources

Katie Silvester

Element of truth

What to do if your research paper is too long for an article but not long enough for a monograph? Katie Silvester explains

Data and decanting

David Myers tells of his new venture, the Data Licensing Alliance, and his adventures in wine-making

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United they stand

More and more library publishers are sharing experiences to topple tradition, reports Rebecca Pool

Embedding a positive culture

Frances Downey, head of research and innovation culture at UKRI, explains the formation of the organisation’s Good Research Resource Hub

Image: Vasin Lee/

Covid-19: A catalyst for change?

Eighteen months into the pandemic, Rebecca Pool asks: do libraries face an exclusively digital future?