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We're proud to introduce Emerald Reach, our new open access programme.

Emerald Reach is based on insights from authors, librarians, and the broader open access community. We asked, "When you're looking for an open access publisher, what do you wish for?" They told us that quality is, and always will be, at the top of their list. Beyond that, most important is achieving maximum reach and impact for research. And so, we got to work to develop an open access programme that would do just that.

Recognizing that being open access alone does not necessarily mean content is more discoverable, Emerald Reach works harder on behalf of authors to drive discoverability. The aim of the programme is to ensure the widest possible dissemination of research and maximize its potential to deliver impact.

All open access content will be accessible in a dedicated section of the leading research platform, EmeraldInsight.com, and Emerald Reach will provide additional author services to increase engagement. Additionally, enhanced metadata will ensure open access content is comprehensively and accurately indexed in discovery systems.

Emerald Reach

Author support is at the core of Emerald Reach. In fact, author support is the core of all of our publishing programmes. If it's not good for the author, well, it's not good for Emerald. Beyond hands-on support, we've got a host of tools to make the authoring process easier and to help authors make their work more discoverable.

It’s easy being green

When it comes to things like open access routes to publication we looked at ways to give authors both choice and flexibility. So if you're looking to make your work accessible via Green Open Access we're pleased to announce our new no embargo policy.

To make open access content more visible, we've developed a dedicated portal for Emerald Reach where you can browse content and learn more about all things open access. And to ensure that the open access content published within an institution is discoverable, we've developed a checklist for librarians.

Change for the better

Last but certainly not least, we've expanded our portfolio of open access content.

We now publish more than 20 fully open access journals, including the ISI ranked International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, which will be published open access effective from volume 10 (2018).

We're proud to offer a range of open access options to our book authors and their sponsoring bodies. We offer open access across all of our book formats – monographs, handbooks, short form and professional content.

As part of our commitment to extend impact within and beyond academia, we are publishing a number of special, open access issues in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Emerald Reach Publishing Services now offers a new publishing service for proceedings, with content published open access on our dedicated research platform.

Aimee Nixon, Head of Open Access Publishing at Emerald, said: 'Emerald Reach represents a real step change for Emerald, helping us to grow our list of quality open access publications in areas where there's a demand for it, and provide unrivalled support and resources to our authors throughout the publishing process.

'Our vision is to support our communities by enabling maximum reach for the research we publish, with emphasis placed on extending the impact of research beyond academia, supporting collaboration and innovation; and ultimately progressing policy and practice.'

The launch of Emerald Reach and our bold new approach to green open access is just the beginning. Stay tuned for new features and benefits in the months to come! In the meantime, we hope you’ll be in touch with comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you.