Macromolecular Reaction Engineering

Wiley-VCH is launching Macromolecular Reaction Engineering (MRE), the youngest member of its Macromolecular Journals family, which will focus on polymer reaction engineering for the development of polymeric materials.

IEEE Thesaurus

Access Innovations (AI), which provides the Data Harmony suite of taxonomy software tools, is working with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to improve the institute’s online research services.

Engineering Index Backfile

Dialog has added the Engineering Index Backfile to the Dialog platform. This backfile from Engineering Information is said to add more than 1.7 million records dating back to 1884.


Scopus has launched two new features: PatentCites allows users to track how primary research is practically applied in patents; and WebCites will help Scopus users to track the influence of peer-reviewed research on web literature.

Central Search

Serials Solutions has launched a new results clustering feature for its Central Search federated search service. Researchers can now quickly identify the resources relevant to their areas of interest.


Taylor & Francis has introduced an ‘iOpenAccess’ option for authors publishing in journals from T&F’s chemistry, mathematics and physics portfolios, a behavioural science journal from Psychology Press, and several journals from Informa Healthcare.

Ntelligent Content Management Suite

Nstein Technologies, which offers text mining and multilingual information access solutions, has launched the Ntelligent Content Management Suite (NCM), a content management and semantic analysis solution for the e-publishing industry.


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