Tribology - Materials, Minerals and Interfaces

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Maney Publishing and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining are launching Tribology – Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces. This journal promises to publish papers dealing with all aspects of surface processes, reactions and material response occurring at tribological interfaces.

The journal is expected to be at the forefront of the growing area of tribology. Focusing on the nature of tribochemical, tribophysical and tribocorrosion reactions, Tribology – MSI will be aimed at those involved in both academic and industrial research. It aims to integrate tribological processes with physical, chemical and electrochemical processes to lead to a fuller understanding of the entire system of interfacial reactions. The journal will cross engineering disciplines and will cover such topics as: tribo-corrosion; lubricant additives; surface analysis; biotribology; nanoscale tribology; surface and coatings technology; lubrication challenges in the boundary and mixed lubrication regimes; manufacturing processes; and molecular tribology.