New site provides test bed for copyright services

13 December 2007

Copyright Clearance Center has launched a testing ground for new services, applications and products

Technology opens up rare history resources

13 December 2007

Fragile medieval manuscripts detailing the Hundred Years' War between France and England have been digitised by The University of Sheffield and IT experts Tribal.

SAGE-Hindawi OA platform launches

11 December 2007

The open-access joint-venture between SAGE and Hindawi was officially launched at Online Information in London.

Commissioner welcomes European Digital Library Foundation

29 November 2007

The Information Society and Media Commissioner has praised the new The European Digital Library project.

Springer chooses platform from MPS

29 November 2007

Springer has chosen MPS Technologies' JournalStore as the platform for Springer Protocols.

ACAP standard goes live

29 November 2007

A new open standard for publishers and search engines has been unveiled which aims to end clashes between publishers and search engines.

Bush vetoes bill with open-access provision

15 November 2007

President Bush says that the LHSS Appropriations Act, 2008, which includes the requirement for NIH-funded research to be made open access, is too expensive.

JSTOR renews Apex CoVantage partnership

15 November 2007

JSTOR, which archives scholarly content, has extended its 10-year relationship with knowledge process outsourcing company Apex CoVantage.

Researchers tackle research deception

06 November 2007

A team of researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland has investigated how false research results can slip through the editing and peer-review processes.

BMJ boosts activities in China

05 November 2007

The BMJ Group has opened a sales office in Beijing.

Thomson provides citation data to Australian government

02 November 2007

Thomson Scientific will provide citation data to Australia's Department of Education, Science and Training.

New web fonts show maths symbols properly on any computer

01 November 2007

A group of scientific publishers has released a beta test version of the STIX Fonts, which should enable mathematical and scientific symbols to be rendered correctly on any computer.