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APCs add complexity to the role of librarians

Earlier this year SAGE and Jisc organised a librarian roundtable to examine the implications of managing article-processing charges. Siân Harris, who also wrote the report of the event, describes some of the key findings

A changing environment

Ron Mobed, CEO of Elsevier, shares his thoughts on research trends, open access, and publisher profit-margins

Publishing at sea

Seth Cayley reveals the story behind the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition, which Cengage has recently digitised and released

Digitising source material

Digitisation is a major part of the work of primary sources publisher Adam Matthew. Philippa Hubbard explains the process involved in selecting and digitising resources

Mining for insight

Siân Harris investigates the role of text and data mining in research - and what the publishing industry is doing, and could do, to help

Meeting mobile needs

The role of mobile access to research information is growing. Siân Harris reports back from the SLA conference on what researchers and students want and what is being delivered today

Connecting digital heritage

In April the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) opened its virtual doors for the first time. Executive director Dan Cohen reveals more

The globalisation of education

Linden Harris discusses the rising popularity of 'Massive Open Online Courses' and how they could change higher education on a global scale

Completing the information cycle

Text mining, altmetrics and data sharing are all hot topics today. Sian Harris meets some of the people behind the raft of small technology businesses that collectively make up Digital Science

The path to discovery

Faced with a bewildering array of resources from a wide range of sources, it can be hard for a researcher to find the right information. Libraries can help by providing good discovery tools. Sian Harris asked some of the companies that provide such tools about the issues that libraries should consider

A new approach to peer review

Towards the end of 2011 a group of Finnish academics came up with a new approach to the peer-review process. The result is a company called Peerage of Science. We find out more from one of its founders and managing director, Janne-Tuomas Seppanen

Researching India

Government policies on research, open-access discussions and the role of different information sources are important topics. N V Sathyanarayana, chairman and managing director of Informatics (India), gives a perspective of the industry in India

Information about innovation

The past few decades have seen big changes in the patent landscape and how patent information is discovered and used. Ann Chapman reflects on some of the trends

Broadening and evolving

Traditional subscription agents have increasingly evolved into information intermediaries. Two of these companies explain why and give their perspectives on challenges facing research libraries and scholarly publishing

Powering future discovery

The semantic web, linked data and RDF triples are all hot topics at the moment. Sian Harris finds out what impact they are having, and will have, on resources for research

Insight for diagnosis

A child's life-threatening misdiagnosis and a father's determination to help doctors better recognise rare symptoms in the future led to the formation of Isabel Healthcare. Sian Harris finds out how

Making metrics more relevant

There are many questions about the relevance today of measuring the impact of research based on citations of journal articles. David Stuart examines whether emerging alternative metrics could provide some better insight

Information for invention

Engineering underpins every part of our lives. Sian Harris finds out about the information needs of engineers today

Is it an article? Is it a book? No, it's...

For some pieces of research, journal papers do not provide enough space to properly expand an argument but a monograph is too long. Sian Harris finds out why Palgrave MacMillan's authors are excited by a new programme that promises 'research at its natural length'

User needs are crucial

Peter Philips has recently become chief executive of Cambridge University Press. We asked him about his vision for the industry

The changing face of databases

As researchers are presented with many more ways to find scholarly papers online, Siân Harris takes a look at the roles of the traditional A&I database and potential disruptors

Considering rights in a digital age

Emily Goodhand examines the implications of recent copyright announcements and news, and speculates on whether a happy medium in digital copyright will ever truly be achieved

Free tool helps with journal selection

Choosing which journal to publish your research in can be tricky and if English is not your native language it can be more difficult. Siân Harris finds out about a free, online tool to help with the task, whatever your native language is

Textbooks go 'all you can eat'

Students' experience of textbooks and other learning resources could be transformed if the plans of startup company Flooved are successful, writes Sian Harris

Reaching for the stars

Former astrophysicist Ian Mulvany has recently moved from Mendeley to take on the role of head of technology at the new open-access journal eLife. He talks about the vision for the funder-funded venture and the economics of open access

Innovation boosts article formats

The choice of how to read journal articles goes beyond simply comparing flat PDFs with potentially-changing HTML versions, as a debate at the recent UKSG meeting revealed

Planning for mobile

Charlie Rapple provides some tips for publishers and others as they seek to develop a mobile presence

Bringing information to doctors

With public-sector cuts widespread and the costs of providing healthcare going up, information for health professionals is being increasingly squeezed. Sian Harris reports on challenges facing medical librarians and clinicians and some of the tools that are emerging to help make sense of the mass of health information available

Opening up e-book access

From scholar-led initiatives to commercial publishing programmes, the topic of open-access e-books is emerging from the shadows. Siân Harris investigates

The need for semantics

Michael Clarke is executive vice president for product and market development at Silverchair Information Systems

Unpacking books

E-books have matured but questions remain about digital rights, access models and what a scholarly e-book really means today. Interviews by Sian Harris

Physical sciences need 'collective conversation'

From astrophysics to nanoscience, a series of case studies casts an investigative lens over changing information practices in the physical sciences. Ellen Collins and Joe McEntee examine the key findings of the studies for publishers, librarians, funding agencies and scientists

Tool delves into journal experimental details

A Dublin-based startup has developed a way of extracting insight into laboratory instruments and materials from the experimental sections of journal articles. As Scrazzl launches its first products Sian Harris finds out more

Digital preservation matters

Vicky Reich, director of the LOCKSS programme at Stanford University Libraries, and Randy Kiefer, executive director of the CLOCKSS archive, explain why preserving digital content is a challenge that needs to be tackled, especially as this content becomes more dynamic