February/March 2014

Patent power

We ask Ann Chapman, co-founder of Minesoft, about patent information and 10 years of the PatBase patent database

Algorithms help assign reviewers more quickly

Automating allocation of reviewers can speed up the review process - but the information about the reviewers' interests need to be good. Sian Harris speaks to the co-founder and CEO of open-access publisher Frontiers

The path to integration

Last May, ProQuest bought e-book aggregator EBL. Sian Harris finds out about the company's plans to bring this and other businesses more closely together

Carving new roles in the library

Many discussions at the Online Information 2013 conference focused on the changes and opportunities for information professionals, writes Sian Harris

Preserving global scholarship

As preservation professionals meet the rising demands of traditional publishers, can they also attend to the needs of riskier ventures, asks Rebecca Pool

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