August/September 2012

Reaching for the stars

Former astrophysicist Ian Mulvany has recently moved from Mendeley to take on the role of head of technology at the new open-access journal eLife. He talks about the vision for the funder-funded venture and the economics of open access

Textbooks go 'all you can eat'

Students' experience of textbooks and other learning resources could be transformed if the plans of startup company Flooved are successful, writes Sian Harris

Bringing information to doctors

With public-sector cuts widespread and the costs of providing healthcare going up, information for health professionals is being increasingly squeezed. Sian Harris reports on challenges facing medical librarians and clinicians and some of the tools that are emerging to help make sense of the mass of health information available

Planning for mobile

Charlie Rapple provides some tips for publishers and others as they seek to develop a mobile presence

Innovation boosts article formats

The choice of how to read journal articles goes beyond simply comparing flat PDFs with potentially-changing HTML versions, as a debate at the recent UKSG meeting revealed

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