Cambridge University Press partners Code Ocean

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Cambridge University Press has partnered with Code Ocean – a platform that enables authors of articles journals to publish and share code associated with their research, and readers to view and run that code from within articles.

Political Science Research & Methods is the first Cambridge University Press (CUP) journal adopting Code Ocean, an extension of the journal’s existing policy that requires authors to deposit data necessary to reproduce the results in their articles. 

Simon Adar, CEO of Code Ocean, said: 'We are thrilled that Cambridge University Press will be our first partner in the social sciences. Research code extends well beyond STM and is pervasive in research across all disciplines. We are excited that Political Science Research & Methods will kickstart the partnership in bringing more transparency to the underlying code across Cambridge University Press’s variety of disciplines.'

Brigitte Shull, director of scholarly communications research and development at CUP, said: “The availability of code associated with research is an important part of the movement towards data and research transparency and we want to support our authors in making their research more open and reproducible.

'Our partnership with Code Ocean will enable authors of articles in PSRM, other journals and even books to make their code openly available and citable. For our readers, Code Ocean will make articles we publish richer and more interactive, enabling them to view and execute the code associated with the research while remaining on the Cambridge Core platform.'

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