Analysis & opinion

Damian Pattinson and Emily Packer

25 August 2023

As preprints shake up the science publishing landscape, Damian Pattinson and Emily Packer reflect on efforts to embrace new models of review and curation

Emily Choynowski

24 August 2023

Emily Choynowski outlines the progress of the open research movement in the Middle East and North Africa

Joanna Ball, Yvonne Campfens, and Tasha Mellins-Cohen

24 August 2023

Joanna Ball, Yvonne Campfens and Tasha Mellins-Cohen underline the importance of non-profit infrastructure and standards bodies

21 August 2023

Artificial intelligence is the future for all industries – including scholarly publishing, writes Darrell Gunter

10 August 2023

Andrew Barker and Elaine Sykes reflect on Lancaster University's shift to an open research culture

Dan Mayers

08 August 2023

Dan Mayers, head of product development at OpenAthens, unveils the secrets to a first-class user experience

Resham Kotecha is Head of Policy at the Open Data Institute

04 July 2023

Resham Kotecha explains how the Open Data Institute responds to global challenges surrounding critical data infrastructures

28 June 2023

Nandita Quaderi explains the important changes to the 2023 Journal Citation Reports release

27 June 2023

Reporting from the PubCon event, Cait Cullen asks: is artificial intelligence a threat to integrity or the herald of new opportunities?

26 June 2023

Lack of local investment limits the scope of research to whatever international actors decide, disenfranchising Africans, writes Ed Gerstner

24 May 2023

"Optimising the UK’s university research infrastructure assets" brings together a range of perspectives, says Victoria Moody

Simon Epstein and Emma Watkins

18 May 2023

Simon Epstein and Emma Watkins describe how a society publisher unlocked author insights and improved workflows