Analysis & opinion

Roy Kaufman

19 August 2019

Roy Kaufman focuses on a promising trend for dynamic, content-empowered learning environments

Claire Doffegnies

02 August 2019

Given the constant discussion about Brexit at the moment, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that the EU Parliament continues to legislate on issues that affect the lives of citizens across Europe, from Agriculture to Transport, writes Claire Doffegnies

16 July 2019

Vivek Mehra explains how the English language is dominating global communication and changing school structure

Chris Smith

28 June 2019

Chris Smith explains why they matter, and how publishers and universities can benefit

Rossana Morriello

25 June 2019

Rossana Morriello assesses the ways in which librarians are supporting research in Italy

This article was jointly written by Andrea Chiarelli (pictured), Juliane Kant and Birgit Schmidt on behalf of Knowledge Exchange. Andrea Chiarelli is a consultant at Research Consulting. Juliane Kant is partner representative for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) in Knowledge Exchange. Birgit Schmidt is head of knowledge commons at Göttingen State and University Library.

19 June 2019

Active engagement and collaboration are needed to deliver the promise of preprints, writes Andrea Chiarelli

17 May 2019

The mechanisms of scholarly communication are showing their age, writes Daniel Hook

17 May 2019

Joe Tragert explains how to leverage discovery platforms as information literacy training tools

15 May 2019

Authors need to be reconnected to the library to make it the starting point for research, argues Robert Lisiecki

07 May 2019

Improved user-centred design in digital media and publishing is the key to future success and to combating piracy, the OpenAthens 2019 conference heard

02 May 2019

More conversations are required to deliver sustainable open access plans, writes Steven Inchcoombe

30 April 2019

Kirsty Merrett offers some heartfelt advice on how to help researchers throughout the research lifecycle