Analysis & opinion

Oluchi Ojinamma Okere

12 August 2020

Oluchi Ojinamma Okere considers Nigerian academic libraries and their struggle for relevance

Martijn Roelandse

23 July 2020

It might be fair to say we have entered the era of irreproducible science, write Martijn Roelandse and Anita Bandrowski

Heather Staines

23 July 2020

The new non-profit Knowledge Futures Group offers institutions a valuable scholarly communications resource, writes Heather Staines

09 July 2020

A UK-based university librarian, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has spoken out about ‘gobsmacking’ prices for some ebooks

02 July 2020

Daniel Keirs considers open science from the perspective of a physics publisher, including some of the steps needed to accelerate progress

Matt McKay

01 July 2020

Papers related to the pandemic have been downloaded more than 150 million times, writes Matt McKay

Nandita Quaderi

30 June 2020

Nandita Quaderi, editor-in-chief of the Web of Science at Clarivate, explains what editorial integrity means for citation data and journal evaluation

Alex Freeman

23 June 2020

Documentary-maker Alex Freeman never imagined she would create a tool that could overhaul the structure of academic publishing, writes Faye Holst

10 June 2020

Digital Science has released a report highlighting the global research landscape trends and cultural changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

01 June 2020

In February 160 attendees gathered in London at BMA House for the Fifth Researcher to Reader Conference. Heather Staines reports

05 May 2020

Tamir Borensztajn describes attempts to support an open research infrastructure

30 April 2020

Mark Carden ponders: does the Covid-19 pandemic mean that the world has changed forever and nothing will be the same again?