Analysis & opinion

20 November 2018

Harnessing content management is the next generation in technology for publishing, writes Manisha Bolina

07 November 2018

Annette Thomas, chief executive officer for scientific and academic research at Clarivate Analytics, was keynote speaker at Charleston Conference. Here, we present some highlights from her speech

30 October 2018

To make all academic research findings accessible to everyone, we must explore what, exactly, we mean by 'open access' for books, writes Matthew Day

25 October 2018

A new generation of intelligent technology is transforming publishing and the world of digital content.

03 October 2018

Despite the problems confronting academic pubishing. it remains one of the most lucrative sectors in the world, says Manuel Martin

26 September 2018

Sarah Huggett and Sacha Boucherie report on Elsevier's recently-launched artificial intelligence programme

24 September 2018

Vee Rogacheva asks: is poor UX design becoming a barrier to content?

24 September 2018

Impact literacy is a key challenge for scholarly communicators, writes Harriet Bell

24 September 2018

Donald Samulack wonders whether we are missing an opportunity to energise a generation of scientists

21 September 2018

Intelligent content is opening the door to digital-first publishing, say Renee Swank and Carl Robinson

20 September 2018

The subcontinent is uniquely placed between the mature markets of the West and the localised markets of the developing world, writes Vivek Mehra

20 September 2018

Catherine Williams examines the creation of the Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx)