Analysis & opinion

17 September 2012

Sian Harris spoke at last week's ALPSP conference about the challenges for science and technology journalists of accessing scholarly content. See her slides and read the transcript of her talk, including recommendations for publishers and researchers

10 September 2012

In conversations at the Special Libraries Association meeting in July, Tom Wilkie heard a variety of views about the future of the learned journal

04 September 2012

Academic libraries need to evolve to continue to meet the needs of their users in an open-access world, reports Sian Harris

29 August 2012

Citations play a big part in assessing a journal's quality but what happens when many of those citations come from papers authored by that journal's editorial board? Paul Peters considers the need to establish guidelines for appropriate citation practices

22 August 2012

With the annual ALPSP conference approaching, we asked Audrey McCulloch, the new chief executive of the industry organisation, three questions about how she ended up in scholarly publishing and the best - and worst - things about the industry

20 August 2012

E-books still have a long way to go before librarians and their customers will be satisfied, reports Tom Wilkie from last month's Special Libraries Association meeting

20 August 2012

The findings from five JISC-funded projects on mobile delivery are about to be shared with the academic community. Ben Showers says that they will highlight a much wider debate

07 August 2012

During its annual meeting in Chicago last month, Tom Wilkie spoke to the Special Libraries Association's next president, Deb Hunt

29 July 2012

When it comes to policy-making, teaching and research are still seen as two distinct worlds, but higher-education institutions are finding increasingly sophisticated ways of linking the two in the digital age, writes Amber Thomas

11 July 2012

Many publishers lack the infrastructure to manage and pay e-books royalties, writes Andy Richardson

09 July 2012

Research4Life, the programme to provide developing-world access to scholarly resources, recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Case studies reveal some of its achievements

09 July 2012

A SURF project has helped create a digital home for dying languages, writes Aad van de Wijngaart