Analysis & opinion

30 May 2012

A large-scale project into systematic deposit into open-access repositories has revealed increased usage of publisher versions for the articles involved but also came out in favour of gold open access

16 May 2012

Data is a buzzword today but it can mean many different things, writes Michael Clarke

16 May 2012

A large-scale investigation into systematic archiving in open-access repositories is coming to an end but publishers seemed more interested in participating than the researchers themselves, writes Sian Harris

25 April 2012

In the early-mid 1980s the young Andy Richardson was honing his skills as a 'bedroom programmer'. Three decades on, his company Influential Software helps publishers deal with their data and reporting requirements. In the first of our informal 'Three-Question Spotlight' interviews, he explains how he turned his programming skills from home gaming to publishing

23 April 2012

Tom Wilkie reports back on discussions about e-textbooks at the London Book Fair

15 March 2012

A new JISC report argues that current copyright law limits the possibilities of text mining for unlocking science

13 March 2012

Sian Harris finds out why a treaty on intellectual property and digital rights is causing widespread protests

28 February 2012

A recent focus group of postgraduate students has given publishers insight into how postgraduate students use digital and print resources, writes Jenny Kedros

10 February 2012

Apple's recent announcements about its tools for interactive textbooks take the company deeper into the world of e-books. Andrew Williams looks at what the news means for publishers and students

17 January 2012

Swets and Mendeley have struck a partnership that will integrate the details of institutional library holdings with the Mendeley tool for organising research resources, writes Sian Harris

17 January 2012

Sometimes libraries are perceived as resistant to change but in fact they are often at the forefront of innovation, argues Ben Showers of JISC

11 January 2012

Matthew Dovey examines the rise in academic geo-apps and the value of crowd sourcing in gathering data for research