Analysis & opinion

10 August 2011

JISC's executive secretary, Malcolm Read, comments on the recent UK report into peer review and the role of data in evaluating research quality

19 July 2011

Alastair Dunning of JISC looks at some of the many ways that the public is contributing to digital research today

19 July 2011

The copyright law for e-books needs changing, according to discussions at last week's Umbrella meeting. Tom Wilkie reports

18 July 2011

Bernie Folan reveals some findings from a meeting of academic librarians and early-career researchers late last year

15 June 2011

Brian Kelly of the UK Web Focus challenges the higher-education community to go beyond open access to published research in the pursuit of openness

17 May 2011

The amount of research data and the possibilities of using it in new ways are growing enormously. Jeremy Sharp of JANET(UK) reveals what today's researchers require from their infrastructure

16 May 2011

Research Information editor Sian Harris spoke about 'E-books for scholarly research' at the recent E-books and E-content 2011 conference at University College London

28 April 2011

Tom Wilkie reports from London Book Fair 2011 on Google's book digitisation programme and the impact of the recent US Court decision

20 April 2011

History researchers have a new resource for searching across a wide range of British historical sources. Sharon Howard describes the Connecting Histories project and gives advice to people undertaking similar projects

20 April 2011

Annual Reviews has just published a white paper into the challenges of information overload and how it is and will be addressed, writes Charlie Rapple

05 April 2011

Libraries house vast amounts of unstructured data and this is increasing as user-generated content becomes more important. John Pomeroy reports from the recent MarkLogic UK summit about some of the challenges and opportunities with this type of information

17 March 2011

Technology can help universities reduce costs while retaining strong values, according to discussions at this week's JISC annual conference