Analysis & opinion

10 February 2012

Apple's recent announcements about its tools for interactive textbooks take the company deeper into the world of e-books. Andrew Williams looks at what the news means for publishers and students

17 January 2012

Sometimes libraries are perceived as resistant to change but in fact they are often at the forefront of innovation, argues Ben Showers of JISC

17 January 2012

Swets and Mendeley have struck a partnership that will integrate the details of institutional library holdings with the Mendeley tool for organising research resources, writes Sian Harris

11 January 2012

Matthew Dovey examines the rise in academic geo-apps and the value of crowd sourcing in gathering data for research

15 December 2011

Editor Sian Harris spoke about changes in the scholarly publishing industry at Online Information 2011. Read the slides from her talk

21 November 2011

Scholarly publishers have many discussions about potential disruption to the industry but what role are researchers playing in industry changes? More than we might at first think, argues Neil Jacobs of JISC

19 October 2011

This summer the UK government accepted the recommendations of an independent review into copyright, which included an exception for data and text mining. Joe Hames argues that such an exception could be damaging for publishers

18 October 2011

A new European agreement is tackling the challenge of how to revive books and journals that predate the internet without damaging the rights of authors and publishers, write Carlo Scollo Lavizzari and André Myburgh, attorneys-at-law at Lenz Caemmerer

22 September 2011

Sian Harris reports back from the ALPSP conference on discussions about the future of the scholarly publishing industry

21 September 2011

From standards and support to awarding 'data Oscars', we need to start encouraging researchers to share data, writes Sarah Porter

10 August 2011

JISC's executive secretary, Malcolm Read, comments on the recent UK report into peer review and the role of data in evaluating research quality

19 July 2011

Alastair Dunning of JISC looks at some of the many ways that the public is contributing to digital research today