Analysis & opinion

Kelly Snell

20 May 2024

Kelly Snell explains why CABI saw an opportunity to better serve users by creating its own platform

From left: Antonia Seymour, Daniel Ebneter, Charlotte Talmage and Joyce Lorigan

22 April 2024

Charlotte Talmage reflects on a panel discussion on how publishers can manage change

Jeff Stonefield

27 March 2024

Jeff Stonefield explains why researchers need to be firmly at the centre of product and system development

Julian Wilson

01 March 2024

Julian Wilson asks: are TAs delivering on their promise for open access?

26 February 2024

LOCKSS founders Vicky Reich and David Rosenthal recall their early efforts to Keep Stuff Safe, and their motivation for the innovative digital preservation system

Verena Weigert

20 February 2024

Verena Weigert reports from Jisc’s Research and Innovation Sector Strategy Forum Workshop on AI and Research

12 February 2024

Darrell Gunter takes a critical look at racial bias and ethics in artificial intelligence

Richard Hollingsworth and Emma Vodden

22 January 2024

Richard Hollingsworth and Emma Vodden explain how technology should be treated as a strategic asset in the world of academic publishing

Jessica Jones

15 January 2024

A year after the launch of the Cambridge Prisms series, Jessica Jones reflects on the journals’ shared values of community, collaboration and equity

Taijrani Rampersaud-Skorka

09 January 2024

Taijrani Rampersaud-Skorka explains how the position at Springer Nature enabled her to share her challenges and learn about the publishing world first-hand

12 December 2023

AI increases both the risk of deliberate metric manipulation as well as the overall noise in the scholarly publishing system, writes David Stuart

11 December 2023

Andrea Chiarelli explains how identifiers, metadata and shared infrastructures bolster research integrity