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20 July 2021

Jonathan Bresman explains why the Starship Enterprise and Jurassic Park needed semantic search

Neil Blair Christensen

20 July 2021

Neil Blair Christensen discusses the evolution of enriched scholarly research

Harriet Clark

20 July 2021

The repository has become an increasingly important part of an institution’s infrastructure, writes Harriet Clark

Jennifer Schivas

19 July 2021

Jennifer Schivas re-examines semantic enrichment’s strategic importance

Amer Abukhalaf

16 July 2021

Research institutions and funders need to be more aware of the phenomenon, writes Amer Abukhalaf

Manisha Bolina

12 July 2021

The need for fast, accurate and enriched data has never been more pressing, writes Manisha Bolina

Nathan Cunningham

12 July 2021

A national infrastructure for research data is necessary to effectively apply AI and machine learning, writes Nathan Cunningham

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09 July 2021

Publishers’ power in the research ecosystem must be tackled on a sector-wide basis, writes Silke Machold

Phil Gooch

30 June 2021

Phil Gooch looks back at the history of semantic enrichment, and how it will be used going forward

Image: Clemency Wright

24 June 2021

Keywords help people find visual content on search engines, photo libraries and in-house image databases, writes Clemency Wright

Prabhakar Bisen

Image: Straive

21 June 2021

Advancements in digital technologies have played a vital role in modernising the entire scholarly publication process, writes Prabhakar Bisen

Manisha Bolina and Heather Staines

18 May 2021

Manisha Bolina and Heather Staines share some insights about looking for scholarly communications positions in a pandemic