Analysis & opinion

Simon Epstein and Emma Watkins

18 May 2023

Simon Epstein and Emma Watkins describe how a society publisher unlocked author insights and improved workflows

Sabine Louet believes bite-size research can now be accessible anywhere

10 May 2023

As the fuss over GPT-style technology continues, scientists are now fully aware that the future of research productivity will depend on Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, a different kind of AI, called extractive summarisation and based on natural language processing, will bring a much-needed time-saving tool to authors. Such a tool preserves the integrity of the evidence without ‘hallucinations’. 

03 May 2023

Tricia Miller and Andrea Lopez explain how the model benefits everyone in the scholarly community

03 May 2023

Victoria Suslak explores the various choices that libraries have when acquiring content

02 May 2023

Caren Milloy outlines the policy’s impact and the work that made it happen

28 April 2023

Libraries can get more granularity from COUNTER reports, thanks to a recently adopted analytics tag – while community-agreed standards help protect privacy, says Rob Scaysbrook

Alan Maloney

27 April 2023

Alan Maloney talks all things UX after winning OpenAthens’ best publisher user experience award this year

27 April 2023

Dror Kolodkin-Gal explains how image integrity issues occur, their consequences and how to prevent them

25 April 2023

Kamran Kardan asks: what is the future for OERs and how is the industry taking account of them?

Fabricio Pamplona

06 March 2023

Fabricio Pamplona explores the advantages of publishing visual abstracts alongside research papers

22 February 2023

Nadine D. Buckland examines the value of university presses in the Caribbean

07 February 2023

Elliott Lumb discusses how journal-independent peer review can improve the publishing process and how this new approach is gaining traction