Literature reviews in food science – what, why and how?

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As a not-for-profit publisher with the mission to fundamentally understand and best serve the information needs of the food community, IFIS Publishing commissioned research into research behaviour and the challenges around carrying out literature reviews.

As a result, IFIS have developed best practice guidance around literature reviews in food science, with supporting educational content. 

Relevant to all subject disciplines, this session will explore:

  • What a literature review is and why they are so important
  • Summary of the findings from the research IFIS commissioned
  • What contributes to these challenges (i.e. information overload, predatory journals, ineffective search practices)
  • Tips for carrying out effective literature reviews, including developing your search strategy, undertaking information searches (with some tips for focused searches), and critical appraisal
  • What IFIS Publishing is developing to support the community in response to the findings
  • Q&A

This webinar is sponsored by EBSCO and IFIS Publishing.