Engaging Students: Using the MLA International Bibliography to Teach the Research Process

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For more than a hundred years the Modern Language Association, creator of the MLA International Bibliography, has worked to strengthen the study and teaching of language and literature. As part of that mission, the MLA has developed an online course to teach students how to use the MLA International Bibliography for college-level research. For tips from the course creator and a faculty member who has integrated an assignment on the MLA International Bibliography into the university curriculum, please join us on 17 April, at 3pm BST for “Understanding the MLA Bibliography: An Online Course,” presented by MLA and EBSCO.

Attendees will learn: 

  • Three unique approaches to using the MLA International Biography in the classroom;
  • How to use free, open teaching materials from the MLA International Bibliography to support ACRL Framework standards for Searching as Strategic Exploration and Scholarship as Conversation; and
  • How the MLA’s free online mini-course on database research techniques can be used to flip the classroom.


Tim Gillett, editor, Research Information


Angela Ecklund, Thesaurus Editor and Tutorial and Instructional Technology Producer, MLA International Bibliography

Farrah Lehmann Den, Associate Index Editor and Instructional Technology Producer, MLA International Bibliography

Claire Buck, Professor of English, Wheaton College, Massachusetts