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Tech focus: Enhancing and augmenting information assets

Semantic enrichment is the enhancement of content with information about its meaning. It augments the amount of information carried by specific words or composition of words, thereby enhancing its value by making it easily discoverable and relatable to other data sets or information assets.


Helping publishers and authors evaluate and disseminate content

Publishing platforms are digital solutions that are principally designed to help publishers and authors to evaluate and disseminate content.

In its simplest form, a platform is an accessible location to host content and make it discoverable. Publishing platforms allow authors to share their insights on a digital platform, and promote the sharing of information with their 
intended audiences.

Reproducibility in the life sciences: the role of protocols and methods

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Reproducibility in the life sciences: the role of protocols and methods.

In this white paper we will shine a spotlight on irreproducibility and explore: A case study looking at tackling reproducibility in high-impact cancer biology research, Actions to drive better reproducible science, Ensuring reproducibility through the publishing process, The changing roles for librarians in supporting reproducibility and Where we are now and the role of protocols in supporting the future of reproducibility


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