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River Valley Technologies, which provides LaTeX and XML-first typesetting, is launching a completely-automated XML-based publishing system, RVPublisher.

The system is said to be made up of several standalone ‘modules’ that interconnect allowing authors to create and submit valid XML files, using the RVRite online authoring platform. The publisher is then able to select the modules they wish the paper to go through. These include peer review (ReView), copyediting (RVEdit, ProofCheck or VeRify). RVFormatter will then generate any required formats (for example, PDF or EPUB). RVPublisher should reduce the time to publication and will also allow Microsoft Word files to be published within 24 hours of acceptance.

River Valley Technologies’ director, Kaveh Bazargan said: ‘We want to minimise the time to publication, and at the same time make it a pleasure for authors and publishers to guide manuscripts through the publication process.’