River Valley Technologies launches content hosting platform

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River Valley Technologies has launched a content hosting platform, and the final component of its XML-based scholarly publishing solution.

The company says the platform gives unprecedented control to publishers over their content, allowing them to create a journal within minutes, or to schedule any publication for a precise date and time. The system provides full analytics, including an innovative graphical ‘history’ of a publication, together with any citations. River Valley Technologies says it is fully customisable, multi-lingual and content agnostic.

RVHost will be launched in partnership with the STM journal GigaScience, which will be using River Valley’s end-to-end publishing system.

GigaScience executive editor Scott Edmunds said: ‘In our seven years of pushing the boundaries of scientific publishing, our biggest frustration has been trying to work around legacy publishing obstacles. Working with River Valley Technologies – with their state-of-the-art, forward-thinking platforms – will finally allow us to put all our new ideas into practice.”

River Valley Technologies director Kaveh Bazargan said: ‘We designed RVHost to be powerful, yet simple to set up and to use. This means it is scalable and delivers time and cost savings for publishers of all sizes, from single-journal society publishers to those dealing with thousands of books and journals. The architecture is particularly suitable for a community platform for related publishers. Working with our highly innovative launch partner, GigaScience, will allow us to use the many features of RVHost to revolutionise how research is communicated.’

RVHost works on all devices, including mobile phones, and allows the reader to select their viewing preferences with options to view content in a larger typeface, or even in a typeface for people with dyslexia. When used with other River Valley platforms, RVHost allows the instant creation of personalised PDFs, and a comprehensive history of every manuscript.