Literatum. Software Essential to the Business of Online Publishing

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Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform, gives publishers the technology they need to give their readers the content they want and the experiences they expect.

More features than any other platform

Literatum’s broad feature set provides targeted content marketing, rapid product creation, frictionless eCommerce, subscription modelling, and business intelligence. The platform’s ​easy-to-use tools put publishers in control of how their content is presented, marketed, and sold, while its automated technologies free editors and publishers from routine operational tasks so they can focus on their content – not content technology.

Unlimited content types, universal functionality

Literatum’s Digital Objects technology permits any content type – from streaming videos to interactive data sets – to be tagged, indexed, targeted, promoted, bundled, and sold just as easily as journal articles and book chapters. 

Listen to your website 

Passport Analytics, Literatum’s real-time business intelligence module, combines remarkably granular data on content usage and site behavior with user-defined reporting to give publishers unprecedented insights into any aspect of their online business. Passport Analytics’ easy-to-understand data visualizations help publishers market content more successfully and make websites more engaging. 

Action = attraction

Literatum is engineered for Active Publishing, Atypon’s online publishing strategy for increasing readership, revenues, and brand impact by adapting consumer website strategies to scholarly content. Active Publishing gives readers relevant content, engaging websites, interactive search capabilities, and frictionless interfaces – in short, the productive user experiences that they’re looking for. 

Give readers what they want.