Journal of Engineering

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The Journal of Engineering is the IET’s first fully open access journal and covers the broad and interdisciplinary scope of engineering. It is unique in our portfolio in that it values scientific soundness over perceived significance, giving researchers the opportunity to publish their earliest or updated research and to publish with colleagues from a range of different, emerging or interdisciplinary disciplines.

At the IET, we believe that all sound research deserves a home. Naturally, The Journal of Engineering maintains the same emphasis on rigorous and rapid peer-review as the IET’s other research and letters journals, but it also allows for publication of non-standard paper types. Examples include null or negative results, which other journals believe would negatively affect their impact factor, despite the importance of such results, or case studies of new and emerging technology.

As standard, all IET journals offer a choice of Creative Commons licences for publishing, which allow authors to maintain copyright of their work, and choose varying degrees of access and use by others

We believe that the significance of all research is ultimately judged by the individual reading the article and the community as a whole and that no scientifically sound article should go unpublished. For this reason, we encourage you to set your research free and publish with The Journal of Engineering.