IET Digital Library

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), in partnership with Publishing Technology, has re-engineered its IET Digital Library, the central access point for the organisation’s online content, with new user-friendly features.

Launched on Publishing Technology’s pub2web platform with intrinsic semantic web technology, the redeveloped online hub is one of the IET’s key digital resources and is designed to improve the speed and ease with which academic and corporate users and the institution’s 150,000-plus international members access its wealth of digital content.

The IET Digital Library houses all of the IET’s engineering research and information, which includes content from 128 journal and magazine titles, 300 e-books and 1,300 conference publications, comprising 255,000 articles ranging back to 1872, 5,000 e-book chapters, and 36,300 conference papers. The IET’s recently announced open-access journal, The Journal of Engineering will also be added to the site in April.

Daniel Smith, head of academic publishing at the IET, said: 'The IET Digital Library launch is a significant step forward in the expansion of the IET’s flagship offering. We know that a big part of the future of academic publishing is online – and when you consider that the IET attracts an international audience, it really is the simplest way for users to access the content we publish.'