Cambridge Core Share

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Cambridge University Press is launching a content sharing service – Cambridge Core Share – aimed at providing the academic community and wider public with greater access to research.

The new service has been launched on the Cambridge Core platform and will extend the functionality to a select number of journals during an initial pilot phase.

Cambridge Core Share is aimed at enabling users to share content quickly, easily and responsibly. Authors and subscribers can generate a read-only link to a journal article which can be shared online, allowing anyone to read the final published version of the article for free.

The publisher is the first University Press to build a sharing service on its own platform. The move comes a year after the launch of Cambridge Core, which has seen content usage increase by up to 25 per cent, says Cambridge University Press.

Cambridge Core Share also allows article usage to be recorded, enabling authors to effectively demonstrate the impact of their work.

Mandy Hill, managing director of academic publishing, said: ‘As content sharing is such a vital part of research, we’re thrilled to be launching Cambridge Core Share, which will provide the academic community with an easy sharing solution. With the needs of our users in mind, we will continue to explore and support responsible sharing in line with the sustainability of the high quality publications on which research and learning depend.’