Preprint journal clubs – invitation to researchers

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eLife has partnered with PREreview to bring together scientists globally for a series of virtual discussions around research posted as preprints.

These live-streamed discussions, known as preprint journal clubs, will take place once a month for five months, starting tomorrow, 17 June. The aim is to help engage diverse groups of researchers in the review of preprints, and to provide their feedback openly so that the preprint authors and other readers can benefit from it.

Each month, the journal club will discuss a preprint and provide constructive feedback for improving the manuscript. After each call, the PREreview team will work with participants who are interested in helping to collate the main discussion points into a full report, which will then be shared openly on PREreview.

The two initiatives have come together through their common commitment to bring more diversity to peer review, particularly through engaging more early-career researchers in the process.

'Preprint peer review opens up many important opportunities for the research community,' said Jennifer Gibson, eLife head of open research communication. 'We need help to navigate the huge volume of preprints being shared, so many will benefit if the dialog around new research is more visible to more people, and early-career researchers need support and recognition. We hope many more will begin to participate, beginning with this series.'

For more information, including details of the preprint under discussion, click here.

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