Karger Joins Forces with Kortext on NHS partnership

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Karger has teamed up with NHS England and Kortext to provide all staff and learners in the NHS in England with the latest medical research through Fast Facts, a medical handbook series authored by world experts.

The three-way strategic partnership agreement between Karger Publishers, NHS England (the national healthcare provider for England) and the digital publishing platform Kortext allows for the widest possible dissemination of Karger’s Fast Facts eBook collection in England.

Karger gives all NHS staff and learners in England unlimited free access to its Fast Facts series, which contains over 130 resources, spanning multiple therapeutic areas throughout the field of medicine. The medical handbooks address knowledge gaps in healthcare, thereby making medical content more visible and understandable to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders.

Kortext’s platform is one of the most up-to-date digital libraries available today for the medical community. NHS England makes up the largest part of the NHS, employing 1.2 million full-time equivalent staff, while Karger’s premium content is geared towards improving medical practice and health communications across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

“The purpose of our Fast Facts Series is to support healthcare professionals in their daily life by disseminating the latest research findings in an easy-to-read format. To share this series with NHS England is a great honor,” said Geoff Covey, Head of Healthcare Markets at Karger Publishers. “We make sure we put clinicians and their patients at the center of our publications. By serving as a trusted resource, we link research, patients, and healthcare professionals together.”

The entire NHS England staff can access Fast Facts via Kortext through the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub, making it easier for all healthcare professionals to access the high-quality information they need to provide excellent patient care.

"Kortext is delighted to host the Fast Facts collection for NHS users, adding another layer of teaching and learning tools to enhance the learning experience on our smart platform” added Ronan Grimes, Senior Publisher Services Manager at Kortext. 

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