Help choose theme for Peer Review Week 2023

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Organisers of this year's Peer Review Week have launched a survey inviting the academic community to help choose the theme for the event.

Peer Review Week, which this year runs from 25 to 29 September, brings together researchers, publishers, editors, and other stakeholders in the scholarly community to promote discussions, share insights, and recognize the valuable contributions to the peer review process.

To ensure that Peer Review Week 2023 addresses the most pressing issues and reflects the needs of the community, the committee is seeking inputs from all stakeholders in academia in selecting the theme for the event. The single-question survey presents four compelling options that explore various aspects of peer review:

  • Ethical Issues in Peer Review - Fostering responsible conduct to uphold integrity in the review process.
  • Peer Review and Technology - Leveraging technology to optimize the peer review process.
  • Peer Review and the Researcher Experience - Optimizing the researcher experience in peer review.
  • Peer Review and The Future of Publishing - Exploring the evolving landscape of scholarly review processes.

By actively involving researchers, publishers, and other stakeholders, the organisers aim to create an inclusive event that addresses the most pertinent challenges and opportunities in the peer review process, and to help shape the direction and focus of Peer Review Week 2023.

The survey is at:  It will only take a few minutes to complete, and all responses will remain anonymous. 

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