GetFTR collaborates with Crossref

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GetFTR, the cross-industry initiative aimed at streamlining the researcher journey from discovery to access, is proud to announce a significant enhancement to their core service which will expose retraction and errata information to researchers at the point of discovery.

This collaboration with Crossref marks a significant step forward in ensuring researchers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date scholarly content.

Earlier this year, GetFTR revealed plans to leverage its existing infrastructure to incorporate retraction and errata data provided by Crossref and Retraction Watch. Today, this service has officially gone live for researchers using the GetFTR Browser Extension, with plans for wider implementation later this year across tools and platforms integrated with GetFTR.

Ginny Hendricks, Director of Community at Crossref, emphasized the importance of timely communication within the research community, stating, “When research is corrected or retracted, the community needs to become better and faster at communicating the change.” She encouraged all Crossref members to deposit updates, retractions, and corrections metadata as part of their open publication records, ensuring this information is readily available downstream for relevant tools and services that integrate with Crossref.

Hendricks continued, “We are delighted that GetFTR is leading by example and incorporating this metadata to ensure that researchers are notified about retractions, in context, at the point of discovery.” She expressed hope that this initiative would encourage others to follow suit, collectively reinforcing the integrity of the scholarly record.

With the new service, researchers will now see “Update” or “Retraction” buttons alongside the GetFTR button in their search results or article pages. Clicking on the button will provide more detailed information about the document’s status, giving researchers confidence that they are accessing the most accurate and up-to-date version of the article.

Ralph Youngen of ACS, Chair of the GetFTR Steering Committee and a founding member of GetFTR, underscored GetFTR’s commitment to providing researchers with timely access to the most reliable content. “The whole purpose of GetFTR is to ensure the researcher can access the most accurate and up-to-date content they are entitled to read,” said Youngen. “This new service demonstrates GetFTR’s continued commitment to its mission.”

Youngen urges publishers to keep their data up-to-date to maximize the effectiveness of this service. “We are delighted to be working alongside Crossref to provide this service and would like to ask all publishers to ensure their data is kept up-to-date to make sure the service is as accurate as it can possibly be. That is not only instrumental to this extension of GetFTR, but also to other initiatives that will help increase the visibility of retractions and errata.”

Dianne Benham, Product Director at GetFTR, added: ”GetFTR remains dedicated to advancing research integrity, facilitating access to scholarly content, and driving innovation within the academic publishing landscape”

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