Clarivate Launches Research Horizon Navigator

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Clarivate Plc has launched Research Horizon Navigator, a new AI-native module within InCites Benchmarking & Analytics that highlights emerging research topics where future breakthroughs are likely to occur.

Academics, funding agencies, government research organisations and research strategists will be able to identify new research trends and determine the most impactful areas for future investments and strategies. 

Research Horizon Navigator draws on trusted data from the Web of Science Core Collection and uses a novel methodology developed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) to identify new topics emerging in articles, reviews and conference proceedings published in the past five years, as well as a new indicator which measures the interdisciplinarity of each emerging topic. Within Research Horizon Navigator, each topic is labelled with a research theme assigned by generative AI. Each topic also offers an interactive visualisation showing how papers are connected and includes an overview where users can explore which authors and institutions have contributed.   

Emmanuel Thiveaud, Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics, Academia & Government at Clarivate, said: “By empowering institutions to understand where research is heading and who is leading the way, we hope to accelerate breakthroughs across disciplines and countries. With Research Horizon Navigator we continue to provide intelligence you can trust to transform the world for the better.” 

Research Horizon Navigator is available now to all InCites Benchmarking & Analytics subscribers, providing an invaluable resource to inform horizon-scanning projects and strategic planning initiatives. Key applications for the tool include: 

  • Technology watch: Easily monitor the research landscape in targeted areas of interest. 
  • Collaboration: Quickly discover which researchers and institutions are participating in the leading edge of research. 
  • Funding program management: Identify topics that are shaping the future of science and innovation to inform future investments. 
  • Research assessment: Understand where institutions contribute to novel advances in research. 

Feedback from the research community will inform further enhancements to Research Horizon Navigator within InCites. Emerging topics will also be incorporated into Web of Science Research Intelligence, so institutions can identify relevant funding opportunities within emerging research areas and gain insight into where they are strategically positioned to succeed.   

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