EBSCO creates Covid-19 resources site

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EBSCO and its partners are making resources freely available and expanding access to e-content to help library staff support their institutions as they focus on online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a blog statement, the company says: 'As we all grapple with the impact of Covid-19, the move to online research and learning and the desire for recreational activities have put libraries around the world in a unique position to serve. Libraries have cultivated a rich online experience for years and the pandemic has forced colleges and universities and K-12 schools to move residential, or in-person learners, to online learners. It has also sparked interest in online resources as public library patrons are now working remotely and supporting their children who are also working (and learning) from home.'

EBSCO is working with its content partners to help expand access to resources during the crisis and has opened up some of its own content during the pandemic as well. These resources are designed to help librarians and library staff support distance learning and remote work and manage stress; they include expanded access offers, open resources and a webinar series. Librarians can use the new EBSCO COVID-19 Resources site to view the offerings and sign up for webinars.

The offers available range from unlimited e-book user access (UU) from a growing list of more than 300 publishers and an easy way to request UU access from Harvard Business Review. EBSCO has also made a version of its Open Educational Resource and DRM-free EBSCO eBooks resource, Faculty Select, available to libraries working to help their faculty create rich course materials. 

EBSCO is also sharing critical COVID-19 Clinical Information from its medical team including the open Covid-19 clinical summary from DynaMed and nursing skills from Dynamic Health. The medical team has also created a COVID-19 Portal that encourages librarians and other information professionals to recommend resources for researchers and clinicians.