Industry trends

Three-Question Spotlight: Home gamer helps publishers

In the early-mid 1980s the young Andy Richardson was honing his skills as a 'bedroom programmer'. Three decades on, his company Influential Software helps publishers deal with their data and reporting requirements. In the first of our informal 'Three-Question Spotlight' interviews, he explains how he turned his programming skills from home gaming to publishing

Content partners work together on digital rights project

Executives from news media, publishing, TV, film, music, IT and internet media businesses are working with existing standards and licensing organisations on a cross-media global project that they hope will result in better and easier management of copyright in the online world

Plug-ins enhance publications

The Enhanced Journals...Made Easy project has designed a practical work process for publishers of open-access journals to enhance academic journals with their associated data files

Index reveals information weaknesses

Organisations in the sectors that rely most heavily on enterprise information are among the worst at enabling access to internal content and utilising it, according to the new Industry Information Index


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