Artificial intelligence platform wins Digital Science Grant

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Digital Science has awarded its first Catalyst Grant of 2018 to a team from Romania aiming to accelerate the research process through its artificial intelligence platform

The team at has developed an artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing and concept extraction to allow for hypothesis validation – in effect, understanding research papers and explaining them to analytics and search algorithms. Researchers can use the platform to save hours of time spent on reading irrelevant results from search engines and research information databases.

‘The potential of to enable researchers to test hypotheses through peer reviewed articles, and avoid repetition of existing ideas, is really exciting,’ said Steve Scott, director of portfolio development at Digital Science.

‘There can now be tens of thousands of published papers on any research topic, so artificial intelligence clearly has a role to play in the future of the research process. will make a huge impact on the way researchers manage the explosion in research data.’

The Catalyst Grant  offers an award of up to £25,000 or $30,000 for concepts with the potential to transform scientific and academic research. The grant supports ideas at an early stage of development, without the need for a complete business or development plan.

‘Just imagine the pace of biomedical discovery when a scientist possessing deep domain expertise will be able to instantly incorporate relevant findings from all over the world into their research,’ said Roman Gurinovich, architect at ‘We strongly believe that modern researchers will benefit from exceptional ways to communicate their discoveries and utilise global knowledge. The Catalyst grant and wider support from Digital Science means that we can bring technology to scale and make it widely available.’

The next closing date for the Digital Science Catalyst Grant is 30 June 2018.