05 September 2022

Gregory Gordon, managing director of SSRN and Knowledge Lifecycle, shares his thoughts on preprints and the benefits of early-stage research.

15 July 2022

Maryam Bazargan

River Valley Technologies director Maryam Bazargan describes her early career, 10 years of working with her brother Kaveh, and her love of languages and cultures

30 June 2022

Charlie Rapple

Kudos co-founder Charlie Rapple explains her passion for accelerating the dissemination – and impact – of science

15 June 2022

Helen Lippell

Helen Lippell explains why organisations should learn more about taxonomies, ontologies and metadata - and describes her love of a good quiz

07 June 2022

Mark Hahnel

Figshare founder Mark Hahnel describes the company's beginnings and raison d’être – and his wider hopes for scholarly communications

21 April 2022

Ivy Cavendish

Ivy Cavendish tells the inspirational tale behind the formation of a writing tool for researchers, TooWrite

12 April 2022

Tony Roche

Emerald Publishing CEO Tony Roche talks of his career in scholarly publishing and a love of eastern cuisine

07 April 2022

Alicia Wise

Alicia Wise, CLOCKSS executive director, reflects on her career and explains the importance of robustly preserving academic resources

14 February 2022

David Myers

David Myers tells of his new venture, the Data Licensing Alliance, and his adventures in wine-making

18 November 2021

Fiona Hutton

Fiona Hutton, head of STM open access publishing and executive publisher at Cambridge University Press and Assessment, looks back over her career and tells of her love of the wilderness

27 October 2021

James Gray

Kortext founder and CEO James Gray reflects on founding the company, his wider career, and some life-changing moments

23 September 2021

Ben Kaube (left) and Andrew Preston

Andrew Preston and Ben Kaube tell us about their new venture Cassyni, which is aimed at shaking up the world of academic seminars