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12 November 2021

While open science has gained from the pandemic many challenges remain, writes David Stuart

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29 September 2021

Eighteen months into the pandemic, Rebecca Pool asks: do libraries face an exclusively digital future?

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19 July 2021

Many say open access funding agreements will tip the balance of publishing output. But not everyone, reports Rebecca Pool

13 May 2021

The pandemic has provided a tantalising glimpse of the potential of open educational resources. Rebecca Pool asks: will they become our new normal?

10 March 2021

The last decade promised a revolution but high prices have stirred up a rebellion. Rebecca Pool asks: what's the way forward?

06 January 2021

Rebecca Pool asks: will coronavirus leave preprints and peer review inextricably entwined?

11 December 2020

There was high praise for the fourth iteration of CISPC – this year held in an entirely digital format

10 December 2020

The pandemic has pushed the use of technology to the fore and it is likely to remain there, writes Tim Gillett

29 October 2020

Rebecca Pool asks: has Covid-19 pushed the move towards open data to the point of no return?

Gaëlle Béquet

07 October 2020

Gaëlle Béquet, director of ISSN International Centre, outlines the work of the Keepers Registry – followed by interviews with four of its partner agencies