Analysis & opinion

Tasha Mellins-Cohen

19 April 2022

COUNTER reports have an integral role to play in our wider scholarly communication system, writes Tasha Mellins-Cohen

Heather Staines

25 March 2022

Heather Staines sums up proceedings at this year's Researcher to Reader conference

08 March 2022

A talent pipeline needs to be developed and maintained to provide a diverse and inclusive workforce, writes Anca Ciobanu

Esther Harris

17 February 2022

Esther Harris explains why publishers need to rethink user experience and experiment relentlessly

Jake Smallridge

15 February 2022

More focus needs to be placed on user experience in the field of research, writes Jake Smallridge

Katie Silvester

14 February 2022

What to do if your research paper is too long for an article but not long enough for a monograph? Katie Silvester explains

Scott Edmunds

10 February 2022

Scott Edmunds highlights opportunities to improve the publishing process by improving transparency, accountability and speed

Emma Warren-Jones

09 February 2022

Many readers of scholarly literature today are underserved by traditional publishing formats, writes Emma Warren-Jones

08 February 2022

Sharing platforms offer effective ways of connecting with researchers and create fertile ground for serendipity, writes Claire Webber

Tamir Borensztajn

10 January 2022

Tamir Borensztajn assesses inequity in the research process and ensuring fair access to diverse information

Emily Choynowski

04 January 2022

Emily Choynowski surveys the challenges facing academic publishers in the Middle East

Gaia Donati

17 December 2021

Delving into physics digital archives provides surprising and inspiring food for thought, writes Gaia Donati