Analysis & opinion

Tim Lloyd

27 April 2021

Measuring the impact of open access agreements is critical for developing sustainable business models, writes Tim Lloyd

Chris Banks

22 March 2021

Transition to open access must be made as smooth as possible, writes Chris Banks

James Molloy

15 March 2021

James Molloy reflects on the many different strands of his role as a librarian

Ted Slater and James Malone

11 March 2021

Siloed data has a wide-reaching impact, say Ted Slater and James Malone

Michele Avissar-Whiting

24 February 2021

Michele Avissar-Whiting outlines the course of post-pandemic preprinting

Faye Holst

01 February 2021

Two librarians from the National Library of Scotland share their experiences with Faye Holst

01 February 2021

A crisis requires rapid decision-making, and keeping record of these decisions becomes more important, says William Kilbride

Paul Stokes

29 January 2021

Deciding to do nothing about preservation could be a disaster, says Paul Stokes

Julia Peregudova

28 January 2021

The Russian Federation has declared 2021 as a year of Science and Technology – which predicts an increase in the sphere of scientific publications, writes Julia Peregudova

05 January 2021

There is no easy answer, but some routes through the maze are becoming visible, writes Tasha Mellins-Cohen

Lou Peck and Phil Hurst

24 November 2020

Lou Peck and Phil Hurst cast an eye over proceedings during Peer Review Week

12 November 2020

Academic publishers are railing against inaccurate stories and asking the scientific community to do more, writes Matt McKay