Three US organizations reflect on their transition to OA

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In the US, the pace of transition to OA is accelerating. An increasing number of libraries are signing transformative agreements (TAs) that support authors to publish OA, while maintaining access to subscription content. The OSTP memorandum, with its emphasis on public access for federally funded research, has no doubt also prompted some institutions to review the support they provide for researchers whose projects must meet these requirements.

So, how can US institutions and research libraries adapt? In this new case study learn how Carnegie Mellon, the University of California, and SCELC provide insights into their transition to OA with Springer Nature, focusing on:

● the importance of OA for US research
● the impact of their TA
● the negotiation process
● communicating change to ensure uptake.

Download the case study “A commitment to the global research community: Three US organizations reflect on their transition to OA” and get the latest insights.