WEBCAST: The Future of the Search Engine

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It seems like a generation ago since the physical library disappeared, to be replaced by corporate information hubs, where search was transferred from expert searchers to the scientist and end-user at their desk.

Powerful, yet complex, online databases morphed into user-friendly curated systems that provide insight and reliability but also, by definition, human bias.

At the same time, the end-user’s reliance on public search has been alarming (even across circumspect R&D-centric corporations) although these general-purpose search engines (powered by secret algorithms) primary focus is to drive ad revenue whilst serving up content alongside. 

Deep SEARCH 9 has redefined the search engine with the potential to change the entire information landscape. DS9 tech enables organizations to quickly build their own intelligence systems, dynamically sourcing freely available content from the surface and deep web. Based on user-defined algorithms, unbiased and in real time. This approach has been quickly adopted by some of the world’s leading pharma companies and can be applied across other corporate verticals and academic research.

Join us on 17th February when Philip Ditchfield, DS9 Director, explains the story behind Deep SEARCH 9, why the approach of a tech company, headquartered in the Black Forest, is disrupting the status quo. Then hear from one of DS9’s early adopters, Novartis, to understand why they chose to implement DS9 and the results they’ve experienced.


Philip Ditchfield, Director, Deep SEARCH 9

Natalie Pilote, Patent and Scientific Analyst, Novartis


Wednesday, 17th February at 3.00 pm (GMT)