Thursday 12 March – Driving library value and impact with EZproxy Analytics

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Being able to demonstrate measurable impact and value is becoming critically important for academic libraries. This shifts the focus from metrics such as student satisfaction to a more objective examination of the library’s effect on usage and student outcomes. For libraries, this can be a real positive, helping them demonstrate their value and ROI in a conclusive data-driven way.

To help libraries achieve this, OCLC is launching EZproxy Analytics. With sophisticated reporting and visualisations, EZproxy Analytics transforms libraries’ understanding of students’ use of e-resources, important metrics of student success. EZproxy Analytics has been piloted by six institutions, including the University of Manchester. 

In this webcast, attendees will:

  • Learn how libraries can demonstrate their role in student access, using EZproxy Analytics,
  • Explore EZproxy Analytics, with a demonstration of key features and reports, and
  • Discover how EZproxy Analytics aligned with strategic goals at the University of Manchester during the pilot.